I offer individual sessions of sex therapy for adults of all ages. 

As part of my master's in clinical sexology, I was trained in both humanistic-existential and cognitive-behavioral models. You can find a brief definition of these two approaches here (French only).

Considering the human singularity, it is impossible for me to determine exactly the number of sesions or the duration of your therapy.


The Ordre professionnel des sexologues du Québec's website gives details as to the field of practice of sexology (French only): "The purpose of the sexologist's practice is to promote a better sexual equilibrium in humans interacting with their environment. Their interventions are aimed at improving, maintaining or restoring sexual health. Indeed, when sexual health is deteriorated, a new equilibrium must be reinstated and the sexologist has a set of interventions and treatments that can be determined, recommended or applied." (loose trad.)


In Quebec, Bill 21 was passed in 2009 to regulate the practice of psychotherapy.

The explanatory guide defines psychotherapy as: "a psychological treatment for a mental disorder, for behavioural alterations or for any other problem leading to psychological distress that has as goal to encourage in the client significant changes in his.her cognitive, emotional or behavioural function, in his/her interpersonal system, personality or health condition. This treatment goes beyond an assistance aiming to face common problems or a relationship providing advice and support."

Licenses and certification

  1. Sexologist's license issued by the Ordre professionnel des sexologues du Québec (OPSQ)

  2. Psychotherapist's license issued by the Ordre des psychologues du Québec

  3. Cartification to asses sexual disorders issued by the OPSQ